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Jewela JWX-10

Desktop machine for creating wax jewelry models.

image of machine
The JWX-10 machine is a unique machine,
as it has been especially developed to fit one application: jewelry creation. All machine specifications are perfectly suited for creating wax jewelry models: size speeds, spindle etc. And of course a rotation axis is present as rings are the type of jewelry sold most.
Its size is small and its price is low, which makes it possible for almost any jeweler to have a JWX-10 in his/her own workshop !

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The JWX-10 machine is no longer in production, so we cannot offer this machine for sale anymore. It's successor is the JWX-30.

Jewelry manufacturing is one of the main applications of Rapid Prototyping technology, though of course the name "prototyping" is not correct in this case. The cause of the rapid acceptance by jewelers is that RP fits well within the existing production process: investment casting of a wax model. Traditionally the wax master model was carved by hand, now it is carved by a machine driven by CAD-data. Also combinations of machine carving and after that detailing by hand are of course possible.

Both Additive RP and Subtractive RP are being used. Advantages of additive are the design freedom (undercuts are possible), advantages of subtractive are the lower investment, the better surface quality, and the use of real wax.

The Jewela desktop milling machine specificly meets the needs of jewelers for creating master wax models. Working area, spindle type, rotation axis, overal design: all details will meet the jeweler's expectation.

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The rotation axis, shown in the illustration above, is needed for creating ring models. It can easily be taken off for three-axis milling jobs, though for small jobs this is not needed. A nice construction detail for this rotation axis is that it contains a 5th axis: the complete axis with part can be tilted, enabling to also machine the inside of the ring. This involves a rotation round the Y-axis, so this 5th axis is in fact a B-axis. It can be manually set, in fixes position at an interval of 15 degrees.

The three axes move over steel bearings and are driven by stepper motors. The spindle motor (100 W, max 20000 rpm) is a professional brushless motor, connected to the spindle by a belt. This separate spindle unit has made it possible to use high quality bearings, for long-life use even with drilling operations. The high rotation speed is ideal when working with small cutters.

The Jewela is aimed at machining wax models. Creating wax moulds in tooling board is possible too, machining metal is not supported. The machine's small size and attractive design will make it the highlight of any jeweler's shop.

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Model: JWX-10
Max working area (X,Y,Z in mm) 140 x 105 x 105 (with rotation axis installed 140 x 71 x 60)
Table size (X,Y in mm) 140 x 105 (or 65 x 65)
Max weight on table 4.0 kg (0.5 kg with rotation axis)
External dimensions (X,Y,X mm) 440 x 517 x 554
Weight, kg 40
Prices --- (out of production)

Prices in Euro currency, excl VAT and outside the Netherlands excl shipment cost.
On site installation and service are optional, available only in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
The machines are delivered with installation instructions.

Tool shaft diameter Cutter holder (diam 4.36 mm) and collet
Max Feedrate 50 mm /sec
Accuracy 0.01 mm (mechanical resolution 0.002 mm)
Spindle motor: 100 W. brushless DC motor, with separate spindle bearings.
Rotation speed 6000 - 20000 rpm
Control software Modela Player (MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista)

Interface with computer USB
Type of axis-motors Stepper
Computer requirements Pentium PC running Windows (2000/XP/Vista or newer).
Power requirements 220 V, 50/60 Hz

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For the JWX-10 only one option is available:
the 123WaxRing system

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An extra option for this machine that has been developend especially for jewelers is the 123WaxRing system. This is a combination of a special fixture and CAM software, which makes creating jewelry wax models for rings easier then ever.
The fixture exactly matches the rotation axis unit of the JWX-10, and the sofware is a set of wizards that run within the DeskProto 3D CAM software.
For more information see the website www.123waxring.com which shows this products features, a number of pictures and also a clear instruction video.

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