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Desktop Prototyping

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DeskProto is meant for any company that needs in-house facilities for Rapid Prototyping. Main application areas are Concept Modelling (using physical models during the concept stage of the design process) and the creation of styling block models for presentation purposes. Stereolithography machines and other layer oriented systems are far too expensive, however a small NC milling machine combined with DeskProto is affordable: offering Desktop Prototyping. The advantages are clear: you no longer have to wait a number of days, your prototype is ready within hours! The design process will be clearly accelerated.

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How does it work Starting point for DeskProto is a .STL-file. This filetype is standard for all types of rapid prototyping, and contains a geometry-description in the form of small triangles. Any current 3D CAD-system is able to write this type of file. Also DXF-files from 3D Studio can be processed, and VRML-files as well. DeskProto reads the file and displays its contents. At this point it is possible to scale the geometry, translate, rotate etc. After entering some milling parameters (type of cutting tool, required accuracy, etc) DeskProto will fully automatically calculate the milling paths. No danger for damaging the model: guaranteed gouge-free ! Send the path information to the desktop NC milling machine in your own office, and you will have your prototype ready: within a few hours !
DeskProto combines well with any 3D CAD software, and with any CNC milling machine.

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DeskProto is used for many different applications. To list a few: Presentation models (perfectly finished tooling board), Concept Models (quick and rough in foam) for industrial design, Education (various fields), Wax models for Jewelry production, Rapid moulds in tooling board and aluminum, Reverse Engineering, Art (sculptures in any material), Styling block models, Orthopeadic appliances (shoes, cushions, ..), Dental applications, Packaging, Thermoforming tools, etc.

Go to our DeskProto website: www.deskproto.com
The website features much more information on DeskProto, including a gallery of example projects, an on-line tutorial, some movies, a free trial version, an international dealer list, a direct order form, and much more.
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