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Roland MonoFab ARM-10

Roland's first 3D Printer: for FabLabs, model shops, schools and more

photo of the machine
This desktop 3D printer is positioned in-between the lowcost filament printers for hobby use and the expensive large professional printers.
The lowcost printers all extrude a plastic wire ("Fused Deposition Modelling"), which for many applications is not the best solution. Until now all professional printers that cure UV light sensitive resin ("Stereolithography") were very expensive.

As perfect in-between solution
we present the MonoFab ARM-10.

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Stereolithography machines work by curing a liquid UV-light sensitive resin. A UV laser beam is used to locally cure the resin, voxel by voxel. The ARM-10 uses the same type of resin, however it will cure a complete layer in one process step, by projecting a complete image of the layer (using UV LED light). Projection is done from below, through the bottom of the vat containing the resin.
See the illustration below that shows how the model is built:
schematic process of the ARM-10

A second advantage of this process is that it does not waste resin: for each job the software will tell you exactly how much resin you need to put into the vat, and that quantity will completely be used for the job at hand. It is possible to build several models at the same time: as complete layers are cured this does not slow down the process.

The machine is delivered including the "MonoFab Player AM" software, that offers all options needed to start the process: import STL geometry, repair the mesh data, simplify the mesh, orientate it, generate a support structure, create a layout in case of several parts.

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After completing the build job, the build platform can be taken out of the machine in order to remove the part (or parts). The machine comes with a special support tray that can clamp the build platform, and a spatula to detach the part. The tray also contains two vats to be filled with alcohol for washing and cleaning each part.
The last steps in the process are removing the supports (for which tools are included), and post-curing to make sure that no liquid resin is left: either under an UV light or simply in the sun.
Currently one type of resin is available, which is a semi-transparent acrylic (type "PRH35-ST"), this material is available in bottles of 350 grams each.

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Model: ARM-10
Max build volume (X,Y,Z) 130 x 70 x 70 mm
Table size (X,Y) 232 x 156 mm
Max weight on table 2 kg
External dimensions (X,Y,Z) 430 x 365 x 450 mm
Weight 17 kg
Price euro 4.990,-

Prices in Euro currency, excl VAT and outside the Netherlands excl shipment cost.
On site installation and service are optional, available only in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
The machines are delivered with complete installation instructions.

Build technology Curing UV light sensitive resin (layer projection)
Build speed 10 mm/hour (at layer pitch 0.15 mm)
XY resolution 0.2 mm
Z resolution 0.01 mm
Interface with computer USB (V 2.0)
Computer requirements Intel Core 2 PC or better, running Windows 7, 8 or newer.
Control software Roland MonoFab Player AM
Power requirements Comes with external AC Adapter
Power consumption 15 W

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