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Modela Pro, type MDX-540

Heavy-duty CNC milling machine

The robust construction of this new machine ensures both a high accuracy and a high reliability. The three axes are driven by AC Servo motors, combining high speed with ample power. Note that the illustration does not show the included Safety cover.

The combination of DeskProto and a Modela MDX-540 enables Rapid Prototyping as well as Rapid Tooling in various light metals !

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The MDX-540 is a heavy-duty three axis CNC milling machines, equipped with AC Servo motors on the X-, Y- and Z-axis. These provide high feedrates and, more important still, a smooth motion: the machine keeps up speed without slowing down for each next step (only at sharp corners: this is called a look-ahead buffer). The spindle motor maintains a hight torque regardless of spindle speed. As a result the MDX-540 can machine many materials like tooling board, engineering plastics and non-ferrous metals.
The machine can be driven from the PC by just sending a file to the printer port: no extra software is needed. NC files are accepted both in ISO G-codes and in Roland format. All control electronics are integrated.
The MDX-540 is a third generation servo machine: it is an improved redesign of the earlier models MDX-500 and MDX-650.

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The MDX-540 has a working table with ample threaded holes, on which the material can be easily fixtured. A working table with T-slot grooves is optional. Working-area for the MDX-540 is 500 x 400 x 155 mm (X,Y,Z), with the optional Automatic ToolChanger installed it is 400 x 400 x 155.
The O-shaped frame is made of cast iron, resuling in a very stable machine. The machine will be delivered including a safety cover (not depicted) for both safety and clean operation. As an optional extra a rotation axis is available, also called 4th axis or A-axis: a barbecue type CNC controlled rotary unit that rotates your model during machining. Also optional is an Automatic Tool Changer for 4 cutters.

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Model: MDX-540
Table size (X,Y) 550 x 420 mm
Max working area (X,Y,Z) 500 x 400 x 155 mm
External dimensions (X,Y,Z) 745 x 955 x 858 mm
Weight 102 kg
Max Feedrate 125 mm /sec
Power 400 W spindle motor (Brushless DC)
Spindle speed 400 - 12000 rpm
Tool shaft diameter 3 - 10 mm
Interface with computer USB (V 1.1)
Control software SRP Player (MS Windows XP/Vista/7 or newer)

Two models are available of this machine: model 540S features stronger servo motors and high-precision polished ballscrews (for X and Y only), resulting in a better repeat accuracy and smoother machined surfaces.

Model: MDX-540 MDX-540S
Type of motor AC Servo, 60 W AC Servo, 80 W
Mechnical resolution 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Positioning accuracy 0.1 mm / 300 mm (no load) 0.1 mm / 300 mm (no load)
Repeat accuracy 0.05 mm (no load) 0.02 mm (no load)
Price euro 19.400,- euro 21.400,-

This price is incl spindle motor, tool length sensor and safety cover (Roland mentions prices without this cover, which will be added anyway).
Prices in Euro currency, excl VAT and outside the Netherlands excl shipment cost.
On site installation and service are optional, available only in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
The machines are delivered with installation instructions.

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As the control electronics of the MDX-540 is already suited to drive 4 axes simultaneously, it is easy to mount a 4th axis. The axis can easily be removed too: only to be mounted when needed. The rotation axis unit is only suited for machining non-metals.

optional rotation axis

The rotation axis mounted on the machine's working table of the MDX-540. Note that the picture also shows the Automatic Tool Changer.

We deliver the rotation axis as complete unit, including:
the drive unit (the box on the left of the picture)
the tailstock unit (the rotating centre point on the right)
all cables and connectors needed to mount the rotation axis
the fixturing device as shown (a clamp, suited both for rectangular and for round stock).

You can order the rotation axis either with the machine or later.

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Max stock diameter 180 (center height 90 mm). In practice the max diameter is lower,
as the machine's working area in Z is 155 mm
Max Feedrate max 20 rev / min
Mechanical resolution 0.002 degrees
Weight ca 6.5 kg
Price euro 4.600,-

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The ATC is a very convenient option: it will allow unattended operation also when more than one cutter is needed for the project.

optional Automatic Tool Changer

The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) in open position. During operation the unit is completely closed to prevent dust and chips from entering. This option can be combined with the rotation axis.

The ATC can house up to four cutters, each in a tapered shank. The unit comes with a different spindle motor, that can pick up such tapered shank using compressed air. The other specifications of this motor are identical to the standard motor.
As mentioned above, the ATC reduces the machine's working area in X from 500 to 400 mm.
Note that an external source of compressed air is needed to operate the ATC.

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Number of tools 4
Max tool diameter and length 10 mm, resp 110 mm
Weight ca 6.8 kg
Price euro 7.500,-

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