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Delft Spline Systems

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Delft Spline Systems is a Dutch software house, founded in 1985, specialised in the development and the use of CAD/CAM software. The first product of the company, the SIPSURF CAD/CAM package, was released in 1986, and was specialised in designing freeform surfaces. For products containing freeform surfaces it is absolutely neccessary to create physical models in order to really evaluate the design, so a module to easily calculate NC milling paths has been present from the start.

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Since that time Rapid Prototyping has been recognised as vital for product development, has even become a buzz word. Based on a long experience of Rapid Prototyping and NC milling, Delft Spline Systems was able to develop the unique DeskProto package. We hope you will enjoy using it, and we expect it will help you in producing high quality designs within a short time.

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In order to provide a complete solution based on one of the software packages mentioned above, for many customers its is necessary to also provide a CNC milling machine. We are proud that we can offer two great solutions with a very good price/quality ratio: Modela to produce small prototypes in light materials and CPM to be used by design bureaux and professional model-builders.

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3D printers build a part by adding material, in contrast to CNC milling which is subtractive.
We are happy that we can offer the Roland MonoFab 3D printer, which combines a good print quality with a relatively low price.

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Finally we provide services using the above tools. You can call our help in case you do not want to invest in new technology, you do not have the time to do the job yourself, or in case you just want to try the system before buying it. The services offered can range from simply milling a prototype or mould based on the STL file you deliver, to complete engineering projects for which we subcontract other suppliers as well.
See for some examples our DeskProto Gallery page.
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