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3D CAM software for 3-/4-/5-axis STL file machining.

You want to CNC machine your CAD model but do not know how? DeskProto can help:

DeskProto offers "CNC machining for non-machinists".

You can test if this works for you using the Free Edition, which offers basic CAM functionality. In the Free edition you can also trial the three paid editions, which offer more advanced CAM options.
DeskProto screenshot
Screenshot of the DeskProto CAM software, showing continuous rotation toolpaths using a 4th axis.


We have developed DeskProto to offer CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to users with a different (non-CAM) profession. Like a designer needing a prototype, a jeweler needing a wax-model, a medic needing a brace, etc. DeskProto will quickly calculate toolpaths to be sent to a CNC milling machine. It's key feature is ease-of-use, even for the most complex geometry. Novice users follow the wizard interface, experienced users can also directly change any setting (dual user interface).

DeskProto offers a complete set of tools: Vector machining, Geometry machining and Bitmap relief machining, all in one program! DeskProto can be combined with any 3D design program (CAD) and with any CNC milling machine. The Free edition, offering basic CAM functions, can be used free of charge, prices for the three paid editions are low. Top edition is the DeskProto Multi-Axis edition, which includes complete rotation axis support and even (limited) 5-axis machining.

How does it work

Starting point for DeskProto is your CAD-data. This can be a 2D vector drawing (DXF, AI, EPS-file), a 3D geometry (STL-file), or any digital image (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF-file). For Vector machining the toolpaths follow the curves in the drawing, for 3D geometries the toolpaths follow the STL surface, and a bitmap image is converted to a 3D relief. So whatever type of CAD-data you have, you will be able to use DeskProto !

DeskProto reads the file and displays the CAD data. At this point it is possible to scale, translate, rotate etc. After entering some milling parameters (type of cutting tool, required accuracy, etc) DeskProto will calculate the milling paths. No danger for damaging the model: guaranteed gouge-free ! Send the path information to the desktop NC milling machine in your own office, and you will have your prototype ready: within a few hours !

DeskProto combines well with any 3D CAD software, and with any CNC milling machine.

Application areas

Current users show a wide variety of applications, including:
  • Industrial designers
  • Jewelers
  • Woodworkers
  • Medical professionals
  • Schools
  • Hobbyists
For great examples of these and other applications see the Gallery of example projects.

More information

See our software website:
The website features much more information on DeskProto, including the Free Software download, Video Tutorials, PDF manuals, Example projects, Prices, a Dealer list, a Webshop, and much more.