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Delft Spline Systems

General Terms of Delivery.

These terms have been registered at the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce.


Delft Spline Systems: the user of the terms of delivery is registered at the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce with registration Nr 30105914.
Client: legal entity or person(s) to whom the quotation is directed.
Quotation: description of the service to be rendered on which these terms of delivery are applicable, the price to be paid by the Client, and possibly additional terms as well, including any return service from the Client.
Service: the service to be rendered by or goods to be delivered by Delft Spline Systems or by persons acting for Delft Spline Systems, as agreed upon with the Client.


Any agreement between Delft Spline Systems and Client, will, upon acceptance by the Client, be primarily governed by the quotation, and also by any changes and/or additions made later with mutual consent of Delft Spline Systems and Client.
The existence of any changes and/or additions that have not been accepted by Delft Spline Systems in writing, have to be proved by Client.
General conditions of the Client are not a part of the agreement, unless explicitly accepted by Delft Spline Systems.

Delivery periods:

The service will be rendered within the period specified in the quotation, or in case not specified within a reasonable period.
Exceeding the delivery period by Delft Spline Systems will not automatically make the agreement void.
Exceeding the delivery time does not give Client the right to postpone any payment, unless the exceeding concerns delivery of goods only, and unless the exceeding is caused by malicious intent of Delft Spline Systems.

Liability and warranty:

Delivery of goods that have not been manufactured by Delft Spline Systems is based only on the conditions of use and the warranty conditions of the supplier from whom DeskProto did buy these goods.The Client cannot sue Delft Spline Systems based on any of the supplier's warranty conditions.
Delft Spline Systems is not liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use or inability to use the service.
Client will safeguard DeskProto from any third party claims arising out of the use or inability to use the service.

Property reservations:

Delft Spline Systems renders the service with the provision that the Client will make a complete payment.
Client is obliged, until a complete payment has been made, to mark all goods that have been delivered by Delft Spline Systems as being the property of Delft Spline Systems.


Payments have to be made within 30 days after invoice date.
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all prices as quoted by Delft Spline Systems will be increased with the required Value Added Tax (if any).
Client does not have the right to settle any claim on Delft Spline Systems with the amount indebted to Delft Spline Systems.
In case Client fails to pay an invoice within the agreed period of time as specified in paragraph 1 of this Clause, an interest of 15 % per year on the indebted amount is due. In that case Delft Spline Systems is free to hire external recovery services. Also in that case all legal and other cost made by Delft Spline Systems to claim the payment shall be paid in full by Client, the minimum legal cost being EUR 500.

Jurisdiction and Law:

The agreement between Client and Delft Spline Systems shall be governed in all respects by the law of The Netherlands. Any dispute shall be settled only by the competent court of justice in Utrecht, The Netherlands.