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Windows control software for Isel CNC milling machines.

This new control software for Isel CNC milling machines makes it possible to get rid of Remote: the last MS-DOS remains in your company !

In addition, KAY also can process NC program files in standard ISO G-codes, which makes it possible to use your Isel machine from any third-party CAM application.
Kay screenshot
Screenshot of the Kay control software, showing its clear user interface.


Thousands of CNC milling machines have been sold by Isel with their MS-DOS program Remote as control software, and many of these machines are still being used. Kay completely replaces Remote, and controls your machine from Windows. Kay offers many advantages over Remote, such as easy networking the control PC, easy Windows file-open command, easy configuration (no more editing INI files), no mouse problems, etc. KAY includes all functionality needed to control the machine: move the axes, set the workpiece zero-point, store zero points, machine by manual control, send a NC program file to the machine and much more. Both three and four axis machining are supported. This is all done using an intuitive user-interface: see for instance the clear movement buttons in the screenshot image above (click to enlarge).

For more information on the difference between Control software (like Kay) and CAM software (like DeskProto) please read the article "An introduction to CAM software".

More advantages

In addition to the benefits just mentioned a few more important advantages over Remote are present:
  • KAY does import NC toolpath files in the proprietary Isel format (NCP files), but also files in the standard ISO G-code format. As all CAM applications can save NC files in G-codes, this means that you can now combine your machine with any third-party CAM application. In addition also supported is the proprietary Mastercam format (NCI files).
  • KAY performs a continuous software checking of the machining limits. It then is impossible to run into the machine's limit switches: KAY will halt just before doing so. KAY will also check the complete toolpath before starting, to see if it fits within the available machining area.
  • KAY displays the complete toolpath before machining (you can exactly see where it is located in the working area) and also during machining for a visual feedback of the progress is shown: you can follow the actual tool-movements on screen. As a result KAY also is useful without machine, for a machining simulation.
  • KAY is able to communicate with you in four languages: the user interface is available in English, French, German and Italian. During setup you can choose which language you want to use.
  • KAY offers useful extra options, like scaling, translating and mirroring the NC program, unit conversions (inch/mm/m, sec/min), repeated machining (ideal for demonstrations) and serial machining for easy series production.
  • Finally: as a free bonus with KAY comes Lancelot, that you can use for simple 2D machining. Lancelot can read many 2D file formats (like DXF, EPS, HPGL) and send these to the machine for centerline engraving at a fixed depth. This option can open a completely new application area for your machine.


A demonstration version of KAY is available for download free of charge (English version only). Download and unzip the file: it contains the program kay.exe that you can run from any folder. As the demo-version comes without setup you have to select your machine using the CNC dialog in the parameters menu: the available machines are listed in field "Model".

In the demo version you can import your own NC program files and simulate the machining, you are not allowed to send the toolpath to the machine. Still you are able to make the axes of the machine move by pressing the large arrow buttons on the Kay screen.

Download file   (ca 2.5 MB).


Price € 190,-

Prices in Euro currency, excl VAT and shipment cost.
Go to the   DeskProto Webshop   to order a Kay license.


Computer requirements
KAY needs a computer running Win 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or newer. Processor needed is a Pentium (any type) or newer. At least 10 MB free disk space and 8 Mb RAM are required.
We advise though to use a bit more powerful computer. Especially in case you use large NC program files you do need more RAM memory. Very roughly speaking: you need at least as much RAM as the size of the largest NC program file.

Supported machines
KAY can be used to control the following machines:
  • CharlyRobot: types Mini-mill, CR-A4, CR-A3, CR-A2.
  • Colinbus Profiler with Colinbus CBR controller.
  • Isel: types EP-1090, CPM-2018, CPM-3020, CPM-4030, GFM-4433, ICP-2018, ICP-3020, ICP-4030 (all stepper motor driven).
  • Isel: any machine with controller C-10, C-116 C-142, C-142-4, IMC4, IMC-MP.
  • Isel: any of the above machine machines/controllers boosted by AxeMotion firmware.
    Note: Isel servo-motor controllers and Isel MPK1 and MPK3 cards are NOT supported.
  • Techno Isel: DaVinci stepper series.
    Note: the larger Techno servo machines are NOT supported.
  • Vectis: A4, A3, A2.
  • Any machine with a controller SM-Elektronik 300 or SM-Elektronik 400.
  • Any machine driven via an AxeMotion Pulsebox
Please use the demo version to check if your machine indeed responds to Kay. You should be able to make the axes of the machine move by pressing the large arrow buttons on the Kay screen.