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Roland MDX-50

Desktop machine for automated CNC machining.

This new machine fills the gap that existed between the light Roland MDX-40 and the heavy-duty MDX-540.
It comes with exciting new features:
- the Automatic ToolChanger
- the large working area
- the integrated control panel on the front side
- the stylish internal LED lighting that shows the job status by it's color.

The cabinet with easy-to-open transparent door and with integrated dust tray shows that Roland has a long experience in designing desktop CNC machines!
Roland MDX-50 machine
The Roland MDX-50 machine.

System Overview

The MDX-50 offers automated desktop CNC machining, as it's Automatic ToolChanger keeps the machine going (unattended) when a different tool is requested. Preparing the milling job is also made easier as a control panel is present on the front of the machine. The large door provides easy access, and the integrated dust tray makes it easy to clean up after the job. LED lights inside are helpful when mounting the material. During operation the LED's color will change, indicating the job status.
The machine can be used to mill foam, plastics, tooling board ('chemical wood') and modelling wax.

The MDX-50 is delivered including a lot of software. Most important is the Windows printer driver (Roland machines can be accessed as a standard printer), including the V-Panel program that is in fact the machine's control panel. In addition three more programs are present: SRP Player for simple 3D CAM, iModela Creator for simple 2D CAM, and ClickMill for 'manual' jobs.
The machine can accept toolpath files both in Roland's RML code and in standard G-code.

Construction details

The three axes move over steel bearings and are driven by stepper motors via toothed belts, kept under tension by a spring. The Automatic TooolChanger can house six tools (one of these positions is reserved for the detection pin of the automatic calibration system), and of course includes a tool-length sensor. The dust tray is large enough to hold all chips, and will make cleaning the machine an easy task.
The large flat working table of the machine offers ample room to attach the model or the material block. This can be done simply by using doubly sided adhesive tape, or by mounting some type of clamp.


Price € 11.000,-

All prices in Euro currency, excl VAT and outside the Netherlands excl shipment cost.
On-site installation and service are optional, available only in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
The machines are delivered with complete installation instructions.


Model: MDX-50
Max working area (X,Y,Z) 400 x 305 x 135 mm
Table size (X,Y) 400 x 305 mm
External dimensions (X,Y,Z) 750 x 900 x 732 mm
Weight 122 kg

Tool shaft diameter 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 1/8", 1/4"
Number of tools in toolchanger 6 (one of the tools is the detection pin)
Max Feedrate 60 mm /sec
Mechanical resolution 0.01 mm
Spindle motor Brushless DC motor, 100 W (maximum)
Cutter Rotation speed 4500 - 15000 rpm
Type of axis-motors Stepper
Interface with computer USB
Computer requirements Windows 7, 8, 10 or newer.
Control software Roland V-Panel, SRP Player
Power requirements AC 100 to 240 V, ±10 %,
Power consumption 95 W (approximately)


For the MDX-50 the following options are available:
  • Rotation axis
  • Various collets and tool shanks

Rotation axis (ZCL-50)

The rotation axis for MDX-50, to be screwed on the machine's working table (screws included).

The clamps of this rotation axis unit make is very simple to mount the material block.
Optional rotation axis
Optional Rotation axis unit for the MDX-50 machine

As the control electronics inside this machine is already suited to drive 4 axes (only 3 axes simultaneously), it is easy to mount a 4th axis on the MDX-50. The rotation axis can easily be taken off for three-axis milling jobs.

The rotation axis comes with a fixturing device to easily clamp rectangular material blocks to be machined. Extra tool-sensors are included, with which you can automatically set the workpiece zero point exactly on the rotation axis (for Y and Z): very convenient.

It is easy to place and again remove the unit from the machine table as needed. It replaces the machine's working table, attached by a few screws. Of course also a cable has to be (dis)connected from/to a connector on the back of the machine.


Price € 3.500,-


Weight 7 kg
Max stock size cylinder of diameter 120 mm and length 363 mm.
Max Feedrate max 15 rev / min
Mechanical resolution 0.0225 degr

Collets and tool shanks

Two collets are available:
- the 6 mm collet can pick up cutters of 3, 4, and 6 mm diameter, using the appropriate tool shaft for each size.
- the 1/4" collet can pick up cutters of 1/8" and 1/4" diameter, using the appropriate tool shaft for each size.
Collet and Tool shanks
Available collets and tool shanks for the MDX-50 machine

We deliver the MDX-50 with a 6 mm collet (ZC-50-6), so the ATC (Automatic ToolChanger) can pick up any cutter with a 6 mm diameter cylindrical shaft. Round this cutter a ring (ZH-6) needs to be positioned, fastened with a screw, using the "Tool positioner" that comes with the machine. This ring prevents the cutter from sinking too deep in the toolchanger. Cutters must have a total length between 30 and 90 mm.

For smaller cutters the "tool shank" is a similar ring with a 6 mm diameter extension on top, allowing it to be clamped by the ATC's 6 mm collet. In Europe the machine is delivered with the following tool shanks: 6 x ZH-6, 1 x ZH-4, 1 x ZH-3. More can be obtained as optional extras. The 1/4 inch collet is an optional extra as well.

Specifications and Prices

Code Product Price
ZC-50-6 Collet 6 mm diameter € 390,-
ZC-50-1/4 Collet 6.35 mm diameter € 390,-
ZH-3 Tool shank for 3 mm diameter (for ZC-50-6) € 30,-
ZH-4 Tool shank for 4 mm diameter (for ZC-50-6) € 30,-
ZH-6 Tool shank for 6 mm diameter (for ZC-50-6) € 30,-
ZH-1/8 Tool shank for 3.175 mm diameter (for ZC-50-1/4) € 30,-
ZH-1/4 Tool shank for 6.35 mm diameter (for ZC-50-1/4) € 30,-