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Booster card for Isel CPM machine.

Extension card to boost the IMC4 controller in your Isel CPM machine

The CPM series desktop CNC milling machines have been sold by Isel in large numbers.

Most machines still work fine, however the now obsolete IMC4 controller makes them quite slow. This can be solved by using the IMC4-Booster card.
Picture of an old CPM-3020 machine
Isel CPM-3020 machine.

The CPM machine is no longer in production, so we cannot offer these machines for sale.
It's successor is the ICP machine

What we nevertheless still can offer is an option to improve the speed of a CPM machine. As thousands of these machines are still being used, the Booster card (see below) may benefit many machine owners.

Three models of the CPM have been produced: CPM 2018, CPM 3020 and CPM 4030. All three had a cover that could be opened by rotating the door upward: see the illustration above. All CPM machines were delivered with the IMC4 stepper motor controller inside.
The older ICP models (door sliding upward) with a IMC4 controller also can profit from this Booster card.

At our website a few videos are available that show a CPM machine in action !

CPM Booster card

The AxeMotion CPM Booster card will greatly improve the performance of the IMC4 controller that is used. So this card is great news for anyone who owns a IMC4-based machine like the CPM (and thousands of these machines have been built): with a small investment you can double the speed of your machine and also improve the surface quality of the resulting parts (the actual time gain differs per NC file, and will vary between 0% and 80%).

The card supports advanced kinematics that allow the machine to keep up speed while moving (where the original IMC4 briefly halts between every two movements). A look-ahead function will decelerate only when needed. The video below will show you the difference between the original machine and one with a Booster card installed.

The CPM Booster Card is a plug-in card for the Isel IMC4 stepper motor controller.
Video with sound: 4 min 34 sec, 640x480 pixels.

The video will first show you an NC program file executed on a machine with the original IMC4 controller. When you have such machine you will recognize the typical staccato rumbling noise made by the machine.
Next the same NC file is machined again, but now on a machine with the Booster card installed. The different movement style is immediately clear: you will both see and hear the enormous improvement.


The CPM Booster manual  (English, PDF ca 800 Kb).

The manual includes chapters about the card, the hardware setup, software setup and how to operate the system. In addition three appendices provide background information on CNC Control, Card settings and Card specifications.


Price € 490,-

Prices in Euro currency, excl VAT and outside the Netherlands excl shipment cost.
The card comes with complete installation instructions (see the PDF manual).
Note that you need to have the KAY control software in order to use the Booster card.

Please check: the card cannot be used in some VERY old CPM machines. In the controller two Eproms will be replaced by the Booster card. Some very old IMC4 controllers have Eproms (the chips with the white label on top) with 2x14 pins, the booster card needs Eproms with 2x16 pins.

The USB driver that comes with the booster card is not digitally signed. That means that in Win8 and Win10 a trick is needed to install the driver ("Disable driver signature enforcement", see, and that major automatic Windows 10 updates may remove the driver (after which you can reinstall). So it is recommended to use Windows 7 to work with the booster card.

One more remark: the Booster card does not support the Eprom memory option of the IMC4 controller. This is the option to use the machine without being connected to a PC: execute an uploaded program (stored in the Eprom) by pressing the green Start button.