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ICP Series

Desktop CNC milling machine, in two sizes.

Picture of an ICP-4030 machine
The ICP series are machines that any company can afford, to do in-house Rapid Prototyping.

Its work-area is large enough for most jobs, the operation easy and the price is unbelievably low.

The illustration shows an ICP-4030 with
the optional brushless spindle motor.

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The ICP machines are built using a rigid steel frame inside a closed cabinet. As the machine operates only with its door closed its safety is guaranteed. Bearings and screws are well-protected from chips and dust. All electronics to control 4 axes (so including the optional rotation axis) are built inside the cabinet: this is the IMC-MP stepper motor controller (microstep).

The machine interfaces with PC software offering a user-friendly environment (PC not included): the PC in fact is used as control panel for the machine. We deliver every ICP with the great KAY control software, which is better than the RemoteWin software as supplied by the machine manufacturer. Using Kay you are able to run NC program files in standard ISO G-codes as well as NC files in the proprietary NCP format. This means that an ICP machine can be combined with any CAM program.

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Each CPM has a XY table with ample T-slots, conveniently sized much larger than the actual working area. Note that the maximum model size that can be produced is a bit smaller than this working area: for X and Y the cutter needs to move outside the model to machine the outer surfaces. And for Z the cutter needs to be able to travel over the model, see the illustration below.

drawing of max model height

As the cutter must be able to travel over the model, the max model height is much lower than the machine's working area in Z. Depending cutter dimensions and model geometry the max model height will be 50 to 70 % of the Z working area, as shown in the illustration.

The total dimensions make desktop operation possible; the aesthetic design fits well in an office environment. The three axes move over steel linear ball bearings and are driven by high quality recirculating ball screws (zero backlash). The closed cabinet with large windows keeps both noise and chips inside. Standard spindle motor is the UFM-500 router (500 W, 11000 to 25000 rpm), a brushless motor is optional. Two versions of the machine are available: standard with ballscrews of 10 mm pitch, and high-accuracy (but slower) with 4 mm pitch.

Built-in is the IMC-MP stepper motor controller with 4 final stages of 4.2 A. We offer this controller with the AxeMotion firmware (smooth movements by Look-Ahead buffer) and USB interface (in contrast to the default step-by-step movement and serial interface). You can clearly see the difference between the original step-by-step movements and the smooth AxeMotion movements in the CPM Booster card video.

The resulting machine features full 3D CNC facilities at an unbeatable low price.

blue line

Model: ICP 3020 ICP 4030
Working area (X,Y,Z in mm) 300x200x90 400x300x140
Table size (X,Y in mm) 500x250 600x375
External dimensions (X,Y,Z mm) 610x650x715 780x850x810
Height with door opened (mm) 1100 1200
Weight, kg ~ 100 ~ 120
Prices euro 4.900,- euro 5.900,-

Prices in Euro currency, excl VAT and outside the Netherlands excl shipment cost.
On-site installation and service are optional, available only in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
The machines are delivered with complete installation instructions.

Controller IMC-MP, with AxeMotion firmware (look-ahead buffer)
Type of axis-motors Stepper, using microstep
Max Feedrate 100 mm /sec (XY, 80 mm/sec (Z)
(high accuracy version 40 resp. 32 mm/sec)
Mechanical resolution 0.025 mm per axis (high accuracy version 0.01 mm)
Accuracy Depends on cutter, material, temperature, speeds, toolpath and other variables.
Motor: UFM-500: 500 W standard spindle motor
Rotation speed 11000 to 25000 rpm (to be set manually)
min, max tool shaft diameter 1 to 6.35 mm, using optional extra collet chucks
Interface with computer USB
Computer requirements Windows XP or newer.
Power requirements 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 16A (120 V is available on request)

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A high accuracy version of the machine is available, offering a higher resolution - but a lower speed as well: see the secifications above. Both versions have the same price: the only difference is the lead of the ballscrews (how many mm translation per rotation).

Further options include:
a rotation axis
a spray-mist coolant unit
brushless spindle motor
internal lighting
tool length sensor

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As the control electronics inside all ICP machines (controller type "IMC-MP") is already suited to drive 4 axes simultaneously, it is easy to mount a 4th axis on an ICP machine.

optional rotation axis

The rotation axis for ICP machines, to be mounted on the machine's working table using bolts and T-nuts (included). The coiled wire plus connector (visible top left) go to a connector in the wall behind the working table.

We deliver the rotation axis as complete unit, including:
the actual rotation axis (the 'black box' on the picture)
the tailstock unit (aluminum base plate with centering point on rails)
all cables and connectors needed to mount the rotation axis
the fixturing device as shown (the round 'plate' with sharp pins, on the axis).

The axis on which the fixturing device is mounted is threaded, with a screw-tread type 1/2" 20 UNF, meaning that you can also use a standard drilling machine head (instead of this fixturing device), or create your own custom fixturing device.

You can order the rotation axis either with the machine or later. In the first case it will come mounted on the machine, in the second case you will have to assemble the cables yourself (which is not difficult). In both cases you can easily place and again remove the unit from the machine's working table as needed, which is done using 4 T-nuts. Also the coiled cable shown (left) has to be (dis)connected from/to a connector in the back wall of the machine's working area. Of course you then also have to 'tell' the Kay control software that the machine's configuration has changed.

blue line

Weight ca 5 kg
Max stock diameter 75 (center height 38 mm)
Max Feedrate max 75 rev / min
Mechanical resolution 6578 steps / revolution
Price euro 1.250,-

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Though the ICP machines are not suited for heavy-duty machining of metals, they can be used for light work in aluminium or brass. For such applications the optional spray mist coolant device is available. It uses compressed air to apply a very fine spray of a special lubricant over the workpiece.

optional coolant system

The coolant device for ICP machines.
Only the actual sprayer is shown, mounted next to the ICP's spindle motor.

The delivery consists of the sprayer as shown, a container for the lubricant and a pressure regulator, both attached on the right side (outside) of the machine, all internal piping to connect these, and a connection to the controller (to switch the coolant unit on and off CNC controlled). Kay can be configured to do so, using special commands in the NC file.

An external source of compressed air is needed in order to use the coolant device.
The lubricating fluid used is called "Induoil HL 4" and is made by Menzel in Germany.

The Price of the optional coolant device is euro 950
This option can only be ordered together with a machine, it is not possible to order it for do-it-yourself assembly.

blue line

The standard UFM-500 spindle motor uses carbon brushes, that need maintenance. This brushless motor is the alternative, offering other advantages as well: more power, larger cutter-diameters, higher quality bearings, spindle speed set by the controler.

brushless spindle motor

The 750 W brushless spindle motor that can be built in an ICP machine.

The level of noise made by this motor also is considerably lower than the noise by the UFM-500.
For a brushless motor a frequency converter is needed: that converter is placed within the machine, next to the controller. This option can only be ordered together with a machine, it is not possible to order it for do-it-yourself assembly.

blue line

Motor Two-pole AC motor, 750 W
Rotation speed 3000 to 24000 rpm (set by the controller)
Min, max tool shaft diameter 1 to 8 mm, using optional extra collet chucks
Frequency converter 1,200 VA, built inside the machine
Price euro 1.590,- (surcharge over the standard UFM-500 motor)

blue line

This option concerns lighting of the working area, so a lamp inside the machine. It is built in the back wall of the working area, and is switched on with the machine's main switch.

optional internal light

The lighting, built in a ICP machine: behind the working table.

The Price of the optional internal lighting is euro 70
This option can best be ordered together with a machine. It is also possible to order it for do-it-yourself assembly, however this will cost you some effort.

blue line

This sensor can be used to measure the length of a cutter, allowing the control software to compensate for a different cutter length. As a result after a toolchange the WorkPiece zero point can remain the same.

optional internal light

The toolsensor is a mechanical switch, mounted on the machine's working table and connected to the controller.

The Price of the optional tool-sensor is euro 195. This is including the cable to the controller.
This option can best be ordered together with a machine. It is also possible to order it for do-it-yourself assembly, however this will cost you some effort.

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